Extending Valentine’s Day with Shutterstock Free Images

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While Valentine’s Day is popularly known as Heart’s day, there is no reason to stop expressing the love after it. Every week, Shutterstock offers a free image to its beloved members and this image is available at the website for a very long time. If you missed the chance to blog about Valentine’s Day, insert a page in your journal, or re-design your website, you do not have to worry. You can still download Shutterstock free images for, well, no cost at all.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing one’s love for one another. It does not always have to be erotic. Whether it is love for the opposite gender, to one’s friend or, everyone’s favorite, food, V-Day is the day to show it all. What better way to express feelings and ideas than images? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily, you can get the perfect image for free from Shutterstock.

Shutterstock offers everyone a delicious Valentine’s Day gift this year. When we say delicious, we are not kidding. Take a look for yourself by visiting the website. You will want to extend V-Day after seeing the Shutterstock free image. If you are thinking about a very profound expression of love, you may be right. Nothing best expresses love than food. That’s why Shutterstock’s free photo for the second week of February is strawberries and cream.

There are many ways to manifest love through the Shutterstock free image. You can incorporate it to your blog when you speak about relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children. It is the perfect image to manifest love of spouses rustled up after a disagreement on shopping lists or children who are dished out after their parents’ lectures. Shutterstock’s strawberries and cream image will remind you of the sweetness of life.

Extending Valentine’s Day with Shutterstock Free Images

A romantic dessert for two, the Shutterstock free image was taken by photographer Anna Shepulova. It shows a dessert composed of fresh strawberries, cream cheese and strawberry jam. Aesthetically placed in short glasses, it will surely make your after-Valentine as sweet as the actual Love Day. The image is available for download anytime and includes a Standard license, allowing you to use it for anything for as long as you want.

Shutterstock (coupon code here) also offers its members images similar to the free image of the week. Just click on the image and it will lead you to a page, where you can find another free image and plenty more of similar images. The image is available in high resolution and several sizes. You can choose which best suits your creative needs. In the free image’s page, you are given the choice to share the image, save it to a lightbox or find similar images.

iStock Promo Code: Indemnification and Prohibited Uses

istockpromocodeIf you have figured out which license you need to benefit most from iStock images, you also need to educate yourself about the indemnification and prohibited uses of such creative files.  You can save iStock image subscriptions, but you can save more with iStock promo codes (click here). Get ready to unlock your creativity with the website’s best photos and rates. iStock’s subscription plans give you access to hand-picked images, illustrations and vectors.

Increased Indemnification


iStock provides every file licensed with $10,000 legal guarantee. When you use iStock images and agree to the website’s license agreement, you can save yourself from any copyright or moral infringement, trademark violations and other intellectual property issues. The website also gives you the opportunity to increase your protection by purchasing an Extended Legal Guarantee, which gives you $250,000 coverage.

Prohibited Uses

What license did you get to download iStock images? Whatever license you get, bear in mind that you can never use the images as a logo or trademark. You cannot also use it in libelous, obscene and pornographic works. Moreover, you cannot stockpile subscription downloads. Subscription licenses are only valid for up to thirty days from the day of purchase. If you are still not sure which license to get, check out the website.

Who can use the licensed content?


Aside from yourself, there are two others who can use the licensed content you purchased from iStock – your client and your subcontractor. The rights granted to you by the website upon purchase are non-transferable and non-sub-licensable. This means you cannot transfer your rights to anyone except your client and subcontractor.

  • If you are buying an image on behalf of a client, then he or she can use the content. You just need a legal representation that you have full legal authority to bind your client to the terms of agreement. If you do not have the authority, then your client cannot use the content.
  • You may also allow you subcontractor to use the content to projects related to your end use. They may not use the images for any other purposes.

Whoever uses your licensed content, even if they can legally do so, needs to comply with user/seat restrictions. This means that you can only use the image with the right amount of users.

iStock Promo Code

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If you already know about indemnification, prohibited uses and other terms and conditions of iStock and if you agree to it, you are ready to go forward with your creative projects. By purchasing the images with a subscription plan and an iStock coupon code, you can get more savings for other important expenses. Get your iStock promo code from your trusted affiliated website now!   

Key Features and Types of All Cheap Stock Images

Cheap stock images can be broken down into different types and features. A good stock image must have the appropriate subject, proper execution and relevant keyword and description. Your choice of subject should match your context and increase its value. It should also be taken well. Moreover, your keywords and description should emphasize the meaning of the images and should allow buyers to find them.



The first type of cheap stock images is portrait. Portrait images are people’s images that depict concept, lifestyle or emotion. They require a model’s release, even if the only visible parts are the hands and legs. Some agencies treat certain body parts as recognizable even without marks or tattoos.


table top

Another type is the tabletop. Tabletop photos are images that convey concepts, such as computers and technology. They also include food, which sells pretty well. They are the best options for stock collection.



Landscape photos show spaces within the world. They can be the wilderness and farmlands. A lot of landscape images are all over the internet. But if you want to use them to represent your brand, do not use generalized images such as a field with a mountain or sunset. Choose a landscape image with people to give it scale.



Travel photos are pictures taken on holidays. They depict location but not just cityscapes, landmarks and landscapes. A good travel photo is a simple shot of an iconic landmark. These landmarks do not have to be from famous travel destinations, they can be local to you. Yes, you do not have to go far just to capture this type of cheap stock images.

Fine Art

fine art

Fine art photos are a favorite background for designers. They usually depict outdoor details such as the waves, pebbles and even blurred car headlights. A lot of users are already using night clichés of sunsets and blurred fair lights. If you want to cheer up your blog or website, you can opt for some storm clouds instead – just as long as they are relevant to your niche.

NOTE: Stock image sites also offer illustrations. Illustrations are drawn stock files. They are fresh, stylish and usable, even to projects where they are not suitable. They also look very dated. Unlike images, which are determined by fashion and technology, illustrations give the same feeling after ten years.

What type of images do you need for your creative projects? As long as you are sure what images you need, you will not have trouble finding the right ones. Many types of images are available in stock photo websites, and fortunately, it is easier to find them through advanced image searches. Most stock sites feature advanced image search to make the searching process less stressful.