Key Features and Types of All Cheap Stock Images

Cheap stock images can be broken down into different types and features. A good stock image must have the appropriate subject, proper execution and relevant keyword and description. Your choice of subject should match your context and increase its value. It should also be taken well. Moreover, your keywords and description should emphasize the meaning of the images and should allow buyers to find them.



The first type of cheap stock images is portrait. Portrait images are people’s images that depict concept, lifestyle or emotion. They require a model’s release, even if the only visible parts are the hands and legs. Some agencies treat certain body parts as recognizable even without marks or tattoos.


table top

Another type is the tabletop. Tabletop photos are images that convey concepts, such as computers and technology. They also include food, which sells pretty well. They are the best options for stock collection.



Landscape photos show spaces within the world. They can be the wilderness and farmlands. A lot of landscape images are all over the internet. But if you want to use them to represent your brand, do not use generalized images such as a field with a mountain or sunset. Choose a landscape image with people to give it scale.



Travel photos are pictures taken on holidays. They depict location but not just cityscapes, landmarks and landscapes. A good travel photo is a simple shot of an iconic landmark. These landmarks do not have to be from famous travel destinations, they can be local to you. Yes, you do not have to go far just to capture this type of cheap stock images.

Fine Art

fine art

Fine art photos are a favorite background for designers. They usually depict outdoor details such as the waves, pebbles and even blurred car headlights. A lot of users are already using night clichés of sunsets and blurred fair lights. If you want to cheer up your blog or website, you can opt for some storm clouds instead – just as long as they are relevant to your niche.

NOTE: Stock image sites also offer illustrations. Illustrations are drawn stock files. They are fresh, stylish and usable, even to projects where they are not suitable. They also look very dated. Unlike images, which are determined by fashion and technology, illustrations give the same feeling after ten years.

What type of images do you need for your creative projects? As long as you are sure what images you need, you will not have trouble finding the right ones. Many types of images are available in stock photo websites, and fortunately, it is easier to find them through advanced image searches. Most stock sites feature advanced image search to make the searching process less stressful.