Stock Photo Source Comparison: Depositphotos vs iStockphoto

Stock photos are an important commodity in the internet most especially for bloggers and web designers. Although there are literally millions of content in the internet, you can’t just grab some and post them for commercial use. Due to copyright laws and other complexities, creators are protected of their right of ownership and also against the unjust use of their original content that some people could be making profits from.

iStockphoto and Depositphotos are among the popular sources stock photos and other content. The following comparison will list reviews between Depositphotos vs iStockphoto based on user experience based on different categories:

Customer Feedback and ReviewsDepositphotos

  • Depositphotos –customer feedback is positive. The customers are happy with the content and their quality. They are also impressed with the ease of use of the website and pricing. Depositphotos offer great service to both its clients and contributors, attending to both matters of supply and demand. The stock photo agency also has content that can cater to from small-scale project to a large-scale business model. Users are also quite happy about the ease of uploading photos for sale. Further feedback also reveals that users are happy with the precise search engine as well as implementation of new features. Contributors are also pleased in their effort to bring out the best of the portfolios.

Reviewer rating: 4/5istock_logo

  • iStockphotos – customer feedback is also positive. Users who are in need of new pieces of artwork for their homes are pleased about the quality and are happy that some of their desired
    images are even better than prints bought in a store. Several feedbacks also stated the agency as an excellent site for finding virtually any type of photos.

Reviewer rating: 4/5

Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

  • Depositphotos – customer feedback highly positive. Depositphotos have been a Better Business Bureau accredited company since January 31, 2012. They have a BBB rating scale of A- on a rating scale of A+ to F (with A+ as the highest and F as the lowest).

Reviewer rating: 5/5

  • iStockphoto – customer feedback is positive. iStockphoto has been covered in several media, but the company is a not a member of the BBB although . The firm provides around 55% of all the stock photos purchased in the US in addition to its international expansion.

Reviewer rating: 5/5


 Pricing and Packages

  • Depositphotos – have lower pricing per photo than other stock photo agencies. While some sites don’t offer opportunities to sell their own photos, Depositphotos have this feature and it has helped both customers and contributors with its increasing user base.

Reviewer rating: 5/5

  • iStockphotos – charges less than other leading stock photo agencies. With a large library of stock photos and images, you could find anything you need at your preferred budget, unless you are looking for specific images. The company has a cheaper price range compared to even its most leading competitor, Shutterstock. They off prices ranging from $1.69 to $0.24 for each of its credits with some items costing more than one credit but other items don’t.

Reviewer rating: 5/5

Conclusion to Depositphotos vs iStockphoto Review Comparison

It’s a tie between Depositphotos vs iStockphoto.  Overall, it’s all up to the consumer to decide which website he or she will prefer. It is important to choose a stock photo agency that will cater to all your needs due to the fact that some photos don’t come cheap and subscriptions cost money.